How To Do Half Moon Nails The Simple Way


Minimal Half Moon Nails
Half moon nails – the ultimate in 1930s chic – are officially back in fashion. Despite what is commonly believed, this vintage nail art design is very simple to create. Check out our half moon nails DIY tutorial and learn how to do half moon nails easily and quickly. Also, take a look at our gallery and find out how you can play with colors and patterns in order to give your nails a high fashion, vintage look.

How To Rock The Mustard Yellow Nail Polish Trend

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Cara delevigne burberry yellow nails

Throw out your neon and ditch your egg yolk pastels; this season’s yellow nail polish trend is all about bold mustard tones combined with edgy black nail art. Learn how to rock the mustard yellow nail polish trend this season by checking out our top 5 yellow nail polish picks. Don’t forget to ogle our gallery of striking yellow and black nails, together with Cara Delevigne’s hawt yellow mani as seen on the Burberry S/S 2014 catwalk.

Nude Nail Ideas For The Summer Months

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Nude nail ideas skin types
This season’s nude nail trend signals a return to the halcyon days of cleanly painted nails with minimal fuss. As nude nails promise to be trending well into Fall/Winter 2014, fashionistas have opted to bare rather than dare this summer, sporting nail colors in subtle, nuanced tones and creating a series of stunning variations on the traditional nude mani. Throw out your dark beiges and matte tones; your nude nails this summer should be perky, pink and underscored by a touch of orange. And nude nails need not be Plain Jane either; shimmer lacquers and metallic nail art adhesives provide a discreet final touch.

Alice In Wonderland Inspired Nails

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Alice In Wonderland nails
Fancy adding a bit of magic to your fingertips? Check out our six galleries of beautiful Alice in Wonderland inspired nail art. Lewis Carroll’s enchanting story about a girl named Alice has captured the imaginations of nail artists, who have been inspired to create beautiful nails based on Alice’s adventures in Wonderland. Motifs such as the Cheshire Cat, the Mad Hatter, and Alice in Wonderland themed clock nails have been lovingly recreated by Alice nail art fans.

Ultimate World Cup Nail Art Gallery 2014


World Cup Nails Algeria
Have you taken a look at our ultimate champions of World Cup nail art gallery? Corny though they may be, World Cup nail art designs are in order for the next month or so in order to keep your nails looking groomed and appropriately patriotic. Even if you don’t care one jot about soccer, painting a colorful series of World Cup themed nails will provide you with an opportunity to hone your nail art skills over the next month, giving you a helpful lesson in geography at the same time.

French Manicure Trashy Cures With Attitude


Claw Tipped French Manicure Featured
The French manicure was the subject of a “scientific study” where Houston natives (all male, FYI) were asked to weigh in on whether they thought ‘stripper nails’ were a turn-off or not. We, however, believe that you can turn your bad French manicure into a ‘bad ass’ French manicure by following our top tips for keeping your manicure fierce, flashy, current – and, yes – overtly trashy. Enter: the Trashy Cure.

Top 10 Intricate Floral Nail Art Designs

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Purple Flower Floral Nails Manicure
With summer in full bloom, it’s worth keeping the phrase ‘say it with flowers’ in mind when creating your own floral nail art designs. Whether you are enticed by Japanese-style blossoms, vintage shabby chic flowers or traditional bouquets, be sure to check out our top 10 floral nail art designs right here and get inspired to create nail art designs with flowers at home.

DIY Dotticure: Polka Dot Nails


Portrait of young beautiful woman with stylish cat eye make-up and fancy polka dot manicure

This week has seen fashionistas and beauty bloggers go dotty for polka dot nails featuring elaborate color palettes, gradients, and embellished polka dot nail designs.

Indeed, the ‘Dotticure’ – as it is known – promises to be one of this season’s most fashionable nail art trends. Learn how to create your own DIY polka dot nails using customized techniques inspired by polka dot nail art styles currently trending around the web.